QR codes for brands that give a damn

Create engaging brand experiences with  modern QR code technology.

QR codes for brands that give a damn

Create engaging brand experiences with  modern QR code technology.

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You may be wondering

Does anyone need to download an app?

If you're thinking "hey, this feels like an app to me" - well, you're right. But does this app need to be downloaded? Nope. Burst uses the latest iOS technology which allows mini apps to be used without a download. This means iPhone users receive brilliant app-like QR code experiences without downloading an app. Android users receive an identical web-based experience.

How much does Burst cost? 

Burst powers commerce transactions as well as app-like experiences (push notifications, email registrations, brand videos). Pricing depends on how you use Burst. We are offering discounted pricing to select early access partners until Spring 2022. Reach out to learn more.

How do I create QR codes?

You can use Burst's online builder to design as many QR codes as you'd like. The online builder also allows you to preview and create app-like experiences such as brand videos, sign up forms and push notifications. Our integrations team assists in connecting Burst to your commerce platform to enable one-click checkout experiences. Reach out to get started.

How is this different than an ordinary QR code?

Ordinary QR codes open mobile websites. Burst QR Codes open app experiences. These app experiences let you do things that are not possible with websites. For example, you can send push notifications for offers or reminders. You can also offer frictionless, one tap checkout via Apple Pay and Google Pay (see video above).

Can I use this in a physical store?

Yes, you can use Burst in your own store to enable contactless payments that eliminate the middlemen and can extend your buyable selection. Contact us to learn more.

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